Pre-Placement Training

Pre Placement Training Program

Training and placement go hand in hand with regard to on-campus recruitments. To help prepare the students, Training & Placement Department provides a pre-placement training program at MITK. MITK placement cell grooms students’ personality, enrich their knowledge, and make them ready for the corporate world via our optimized placement training courses. On-campus placements happen in rounds, many of which are elimination rounds, and only the ones who perform well throughout the phases get to sit for the final interview.

Pre Placement Training Process
  1. Training and Placement Registration for 1st year students
  2. Introduction to Recruitment Process
  3. English Language Development Program
  4. Aptitude Training
  5. Technical Training
  6. Company Specific Training
Sl No Year Skill Set Topics for Training Duration of the Training (Hrs.)
1 1st YEAR Soft Skill Listening Skills
Hearing vs. Listening
Importance of Active Listening
Focused Listening
Interpreting Verbal and Non-verbal Messages
Barriers to Effective Listening
Speaking Skills
Casual conversation
Formal Conversation
Social Interaction
Public Speaking Skills
15 Hrs
2 1st YEAR Aptitude Skill Basic QUANTITATIVE ABILITY
- Number Properties
- Fractions and Decimals
- HCF and LCM of Numbers
- Ratio and Proportion
- Mixtures and Solutions
- Simple Interest and Compound Interest
- Time and Work
- Parts of Speech
- Degrees of Comparison
- Synonyms
- Antonyms
- Articles
- Tenses
- Conditionals
- Sentences (Kinds)
- Sentence Pattern
- Sentence Structure
- Voices and Speech
- Reading Comprehension
3 2nd YEAR Soft Skill Talks on Local Topics
Reading Skills
Literal Comprehension
Evaluative Comprehension
Inferential Comprehension
Writing Skills
Note Making
Report Writing
Descriptive Writing
Email Writing
15 Hrs
4 2nd YEAR Digital Footprint - Online Literacy
- Trend in Technologies
4 Hrs
- Analytical Reasoning
- Linear Arrangement
- Circular Arrangement
-Identification of Cross-Variable Relation
- Number Series and Alphabet Series
- Coding and Decoding
- Syllogisms
- Brain Teasers
- Blood Relations
- Direction Sense
- Venn Diagrams
- Cubes
- Non-Verbal Reasoning
- Data Interpretation
- Data Interpretation
- Data Sufficiency
- Cryptarithmetic
- Selection Decision Table
- Attention to Details
- Input Output Tracing
- Inequalities
24 Hrs
6 3rd YEAR Aptitude Skill (Quantitative Ability+Verbal Ability) QUANTITATIVE ABILITY
- Time, Speed and Distance
- Percentage
- Profit, Loss and Discount
- Age Problems
- Permutations and Combinations
- Probability
- Geometry and Mensuration
- Clocks
- Defined Operations
- Logarithm
- Synonyms
- Antonyms
- Spell Check
- Homophones
- Analogies
- Word Pair
- Idioms
- Parts of Speech
- Subject Verb Agreement
- Error spotting
- Sentence Correction
- Sentence Completion
- Reading Comprehension
- Critical reasoning
- Theme Deduction
- Essay Writing
24 Hrs
7 3rd YEAR Technical Skill C Programming
C++ Programming
Data Structures
Java Programming
Operating System
Embedded Software
Product Development
90 Hrs
8 4th Year Company Specific Training 1. Training on Corporate question papers Corporate Etiquette.
2. Interview Skills and Mock Interview.
3. Monthly tests on company questions.
4. Weekly Group discussions & Mock Interviews.
60 Hrs

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